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Achieving Your Goals Through Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are becoming more widespread and damaging, causing billions of dollars worth of damage to US companies each year. New research shows that SMEs are the increasing focus of cybercriminals, who’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on valuable business data and infect corporate systems with harmful malware. In order to protect your organization, you need a security posture that integrates technical defences, people and policy in perfect harmony. You need the support of an IT partner who’ll defend your reputation, by taking no chances when it comes to safeguarding your systems and data. You need managed cybersecurity from Centarus!

Response Readiness?

Cyber threat mitigation requires round-the-clock vigilance, and the ability to detect threats in the early stages of an attack. Without the right tools and expertise on your side, it's only a matter of time before a cybercriminal exploits the cracks in your system.

Digital Collaboration?

Employees benefit greatly from solutions that foster effective digital collaboration, but these solutions can present risks. Without policies that promote secure practices and controls that lock down your data, your entire digital ecosystem could be in danger.

Employee Awareness?

Most data breaches originate from end user error or security malpractice. Creating a cybersecure culture founded on awareness and cyber vigilance forms a crucial foundation for a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy.

Regulatory Compliance?

From HIPAA and PCI DSS, to the GLBA and GDPR, today's businesses are required to navigate a complex web of data protection regulations and standards. With the help of a committed cybersecurity partner, you can sleep easy knowing your business's IT meets the required standards.

Effective Cybersecurity Services

Centarus offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, designed to offer the robust, multi-layered protection that modern businesses need to defend their digital systems and assets.

Our multi-faceted approach combines people, policy and technology to address vulnerabilities across devices, infrastructure, applications, identities, data stores and more. Our fully-accredited security technicians are among the best in their field, so you can be assured of diligent, proactive managed cybersecurity that’s powered by class-leading expertise. Here’s an insight into what we offer…

Business Continuity

We'll get you back on track quickly when challenging situations disrupt your ability to do business. From fast, reliable data backups, to failover systems designed to keep your operations afloat, we'll help you craft a business continuity strategy that hardwires resilience into your organization.

Fully Compliant

Your compliance needs are our priority. While our managed security services natural adhere to cybersecurity best practice, we'll pay close attention to the compliance needs of your business to ensure every practice, policy and measure we implement is fully aligned with your compliance obligations.

Secure Network

We take a broad view of network security, combining a number of tools from our industry-leading partners to provide holistic protection that addresses multiple points of vulnerability. Continuous monitoring ensures emergent threats are quickly neutralized, and our next-generation managed firewall will intercept malicious traffic at your network's edge, before it's able to inflict harm.

Employee Awareness

Your cybersecurity efforts will be in vain if your employees aren't cyberthreat conscious. Centarus's employee security awareness training will turn your team in to your biggest cybersecurity asset, by equipping staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to identify and counter even the most convincing phishing attempts.

Discover Your IT’s Weak Spots Today!

With Centarus a stronger more secure future is on the horizon. Every organization has vulnerabilities; it’s how you address them that sets you apart.

Effective Cybersecurity Services

No cybersecurity measure is truly effective in isolation. Our managed security services aim to align your people, policies, processes and technical measures to provide truly comprehensive protection that addresses risks wherever they arise.

We’ll get under the hood of your business to get to know how you work, the security challenges you face, and the compliance pressures you work under. This lets us devise a security strategy for your business that addresses risk without compromising on end user experience.

Technical Defenses

From managed endpoint protection and firewalls to SIEM, remote monitoring, encryption and much more, we can deploy and manage the security tools needed to keep your environment secure.

User Training

Assess security awareness, educate staff on common threats, run attack simulations and more, with user training designed around your needs and company culture. Enjoy low-impact training exercises that won't disrupt your routine, and transform your employees into your greatest cybersecurity asset.

Policies & Processes / Compliance

Policies and processes outline the security responsibilities of staff and stakeholders, and play a vital role in demonstrating compliance. Centarus can help you bring policies, procedures and practices into perfect alignment with your compliance obligations, ensuring everyone understands the role they play in the cybersecurity context.

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Reliable security services from Centarus

Network and data security are critically important to the success of your business. So if you’re concerned about the integrity of sensitive business data, it might be time to invest in Centarus’s impenetrable network security solutions.

Endpoint Protection

Our endpoint detection solutions combine automation and AI with human-powered monitoring and support, to deliver 24/7 responsive threat mitigation across your entire infrastructure.

Enjoy threat detection that scans for both known threat signatures and suspicious behaviour, allowing countermeasures to be swiftly deployed before threat actors can gain a foothold in your network. 

Endpoint Protection
Network Protection

Network Protection

Maintain the integrity and privacy of your IT network with advanced protections that work continuously on multiple fronts to provide complete protection.

Our next-generation managed firewall leverages a vast known-threat library to lock malware out of your environment, and content filtering puts you in control of the sites your team have access to.

Awareness Training

Keep your team informed on the latest security threats, and give employees the skills they need to thwart the most pervasive online threat facing businesses today: phishing.Our employee security training is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, with engaging lessons that help foster cybersecurity awareness, and simulations that allow you to gauge cyber vigilance and identify areas for improvement.
Awareness Training
Backup and Continuity

Backup and Disaster Recovery

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

 A business continuity and disaster recovery plan outlines your business’s response to disruptive circumstances, with a keen focus on mitigating losses and restoring operational continuity as fast as possible. Centarus can help you develop a comprehensive BCDR strategy, centred around our reliable, managed data backup solution, giving you rapid data recovery to get you back on track.


But you can trust one that’s partnered with industry leaders.


Looking for the ultimate in threat detection and response? Centarus can act in the capacity of your security operations center (SOC), providing 24/7 intrusion monitoring and remediation across devices, networks and cloud environments. We combine our SOC solution with a powerful security information and event management (SIEM) platform, giving you the data you need to investigate security incidents and make informed security posture enhancements.

Compliance and Information Governance

Compliance & Information Governance

Compliance comes naturally to us here at Centarus.  We’re well-versed in helping our clients satisfy the requirements of most stringent data protection regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, the CCPA, and GDPR among many others. 

From policies and data loss prevention measures to privilege management and access controls, we can help you maintain a tight grip on your data and demonstrate compliance to regulators.

Frameworks & Certifications

Gain the ability to bid for federal contracts, inspire confidence in new and existing customers, and rest assured that your cybersecurity strategy covers all bases: getting certified against a leading data protection framework carries many benefits.

We can help you coordinate your technology, people and policies to surpass the requirements of leading frameworks and accreditation schemes, including NIST, ISO 27001, CMMC and FISMA.

Framework and certifications