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We are undoubtedly experiencing a difficult economic climate. High energy and gasoline prices are weighing heavily on the minds of struggling US business owners, and many believe things will get worse before they get better. According to reports, 72% of companies are preparing for an impending recession.

While we all wish for more prosperous economic times, adversity frequently spurs innovation. This is seen in the numerous organisations that have adopted disruptive digital technology in recent years to become leaner, more efficient, and more resilient. Over the past 20 years, the commercial technology sector has changed beyond all recognition, and the cloud has made groundbreaking, game-changing technologies accessible to even the tiniest firms.

It may be time for your company to begin its digital transformation in 2023. This process could minimise your IT spending, lower operational costs, and offer you more time to invest in activities that will increase revenue. Let's investigate how these goals can be accomplished by taking into account the typical characteristics of value-adding IT solutions.

Flexible Pricing

In the past, major long-term financial commitments, involving significant capital investment in servers and networking equipment for solutions that (ideally) would deliver strong return on investment over time, dictated IT decisions. Unfortunately, this method's rigidity frequently resulted in certain services being overprovisioned, which would have a poor return on investment, and other services being under provisioned, which would inevitably cause performance bottlenecks.

Happily, the cloud's widespread usage of subscription-based pricing makes it straightforward to match resource provision to point-in-time demand. If a relational database needs to be set up, you can get the best computing power for your needs and scale up resources as needed. Monthly subscriptions make it simple to offer access for a precise number of end users, with the flexibility to delete or add accounts as demand demands, to corporate software. The final result is more manageable, cost-effective IT spending that precisely meets the requirements of your company.

Reduced reliance on on-premise hardware

As we've already discussed, less reliance on on-premise hardware results in cheaper capital expenses and the capacity to provision resources to meet demand, but there are additional advantages that are a little less evident.

Hosting services on third-party infrastructure allows you to avoid the costs associated with hardware lifecycle maintenance and eliminates the worry about critical components reaching their end of life. Also, you won't have to worry with the setup fees and disruption that frequently go along with on-premise installs.

Access-anywhere capabilities

Due to the covid epidemic, over half of US employees found themselves working from home, at least in part, in 2020. Even if many of us have now gone back to the office, keeping the option for employees to work remotely could benefit your company financially. Your office desk space may be less strained if you permit your staff to work remotely, even on a rotating basis. This will enable you to do more without upgrading to a larger office suite.

According to studies, some people are more productive when they work from home, and the practise is frequently linked to a healthy work-life balance and reduced levels of stress. Recent studies show that 43% of those who work from home list saving money on travel as one of their top benefits, which could amount to hundreds or even thousands of pounds annually.

Although if remote work isn't right for everyone or every organisation, keeping it an option could help you save money on overhead costs as an employer, increase employee retention, and create a more contented, effective workforce.

Built-in automation

Not all business operations and office activities improve customer satisfaction or boost revenue. While many are necessary for the efficient operation of your organisation, they frequently take up a significant amount of staff time that could be better used on tasks that create value.

Luckily, process automation is frequently included in contemporary enterprise software packages to decrease the load of menial, repetitive labour. Every area of organisation, including marketing, accounts, human resources, and payroll, has solutions. Others, like Microsoft's Power Automate, provide for highly customizable process automation and connectivity with hundreds of data sources. Other automation solutions concentrate on particular business divisions.

Automation doesn't imply replacing your valuable people with machines; rather, it means giving them more time to concentrate on important tasks that will improve customer outcomes and increase profit margins.

Data security as standard

Making the appropriate preparations to protect the personal data your company has could be a wise investment. Re-evaluating your security posture and making sure the right security measures are in place to secure data throughout your network may be the perfect time for an IT overhaul of your company. The usage of next-generation cyber security systems, which employ artificial intelligence and behavioural analytics to detect attacks more effectively, should also be considered in addition to improving security countermeasures. A small investment in your cyber defences today could pay off in the long term as cyber attacks grow in frequency and severity both internationally and in the US.

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