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Since the advent of the digital revolution in the early 1980s, digital technologies have assumed a critical role in the way businesses operate and bring value to their customers. In 1990 just 0.05% of the world’s population had access to the internet, today that figure stands at around 60%, signaling the enormity of the change that has occurred over a relatively short period of time.

Today, the changes of the last 30-40 years continue apace, with emerging technologies like business process automation and AI leading the charge. The last decade or so has been particularly transformative, with Cloud computing in particular giving organisations of all sized access to “on-tap” computing resources and previously unthinkable levels of enterprise mobility.

While tomorrow’s technologies seem exciting, many organisations are yet to truly exploit the game changing solutions that are available today. As an IT provider with many years’ experience serving businesses across the Bay Area, we understand that introducing changes to your business’s IT can be a daunting prospect. Reconciling the transition to new technologies with the demands of running your business in fast-paced San Francisco is a challenge for even the most dynamic and progressive organisations, but with the right IT partner the process can be less demanding than you might think.

We’re Centarus, the Bay Area’s best IT support company

From proactive IT support and network security to managed cloud deployments, VoIP telephony and much more, our friendly and dedicated team of 20 boasts wide-ranging experience for all your IT project and management needs. Located roughly 6 miles south of downtown San Francisco, we’re strategically positioned to help organisations across the Bay Area (and beyond) get the most from their IT.

In every partnership our guiding aim is simple: to provide meticulously managed IT services and best-in-class tech solutions that address the commercial, regulatory and operational pressures faced by each of our clients. Our team has the depth of experience for the most challenging projects, and we hold numerous vendor partnerships to give our clients access to the broadest range of options at the most competitive prices.

So, what sets us apart? What makes us better than the rest? Here’s what we believe makes Centarus the IT partner your Bay Area business not only needs, but deserves.

Competitively priced, flexible managed IT and strategy

Whether you’re looking for extensive support and management for your digital assets, or additional expertise to supplement your in-house team, we can formulate a package that augments your existing arrangement.

Our Managed IT Support begins with a thorough examination of your current setup, leaving no stone unturned to expose security vulnerabilities and sub-optimal network components. Then, leveraging our vendor partnerships, we’ll craft a plan to optimize your workflows, paying close attention to the way your team operates and any regulatory/commercial realities your face. We’ll also deploy leading security devices and data controls across your environment, keeping malicious actors at bay and helping you satisfy your compliance obligations.

Looking to plug a gap in your team’s skillset? Seeking to take a little pressure off your in-house technicians? Our co-management offering could be just what you need. With a broad range of specializations, unsurpassed technical capabilities and extensive multi-sector experience, let the Centarus team shoulder the burden of your IT maintenance and bring the additional expertise needed for those demanding projects.

Business-savvy solutions

Digital technologies have always played a role in unlocking business productivity, but today, a wide range of flexible, scalable and intuitive cloud-based solutions make reaching those elusive productivity goals easier than ever before.

We’ve helped countless organisations modernize their workflows, harness the power of intelligent automation, and enjoy the mobility benefits afforded by Microsoft’s extensive range of cloud offerings. We can orchestrate your cloud migration using Microsoft Azure services, ensuring your architecture is configured in line with your business needs. We’ll help you get the most from Microsoft 365, the world’s leading workplace productivity suite, and take care of licensing and management so that you can focus on your business.

We’ll also ensure your business communication needs are met, with competitively priced broadband that’s compatible with your data demands, and feature-rich VoIP telephony that brings together multiple communication channels for a unified experience. Using our networking expertise, we can consolidate multi-site resources using technologies like VPNs and SD-WAN.

The cloud affords endless configurability and multiple routes to achieve the same outcome. This necessitates having a knowledgeable and experienced partner who’ll ensure you leverage maximum value from your investments. Here at Centarus, our consultative, business-led approach means solutions will be tailored to your needs, while always remaining within the boundaries of budgetary and operational constraints.

Cybersecurity is our specialty

With the last 12 months seeing a 7% rise in cyber-attacks nationwide, and almost half of US firms falling victim to attack in the last year, ensuring your organization is guarded by a comprehensive arsenal of cyber defense tools is essential.

Centarus’s cybersecurity offering runs the gamut from endpoint protection to network-wide security and everything in between. The process begins with an exhaustive examination of your current security posture. We’ll examine every endpoint and node in your network and expose any latent vulnerabilities, before drawing up a list of the most suitable countermeasures. From firewall protections and email filtering to endpoint anti-virus and advanced threat/detection response tools, we can deploy any and all necessary technical appliances to keep your systems and data secure.

Many IT support companies claim to offer proactive maintenance, but here at Centarus our remote monitoring and management goes one step further. Using the power of AI, our remote security capabilities can detect cyber-attacks in their infancy, allowing threats to be neutralized before they’re able to escalate to more serious issues. We’ll also ensure your software and operating systems are maintained to exacting standards, with security patches applied regularly to guarantee the integrity of your systems.

Lastly, with approximately 90% of data breaches attributable to phishing attacks, end-user actions present a huge risk to organizational data. Centarus’s security awareness training can guide and inform your team on security practice, and help make cybersecurity awareness part of your business’s culture.

Well-versed in sector-specific pressures

With deep and meaningful experience serving clients in some of the most heavily regulated sectors, we know how hard it can be balancing commercial goals with a heavy regulatory burden.

IT can be pivotal in squaring that circle: compliance can be hard-wired into complex business processes using enterprise software and automation, and access controls can be implemented to safeguard sensitive corporate data. Whether you’re a law firm requiring stringent document management structures for ultra-sensitive information, or you operate in the financial services sector and require 100% uptime of your systems, we understand the pressures you face and know how to tailor your technology in response.

Unlock your business’s potential, with strategy-guided solutions and peerless technical support

We’re keen to help more companies across the San Francisco Bay Area optimize their IT systems to reach new heights of productivity, data security and service excellence. Get in touch today to discover how Centarus can help your business reach its true potential.


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