5 Ways to Build Effective IT Support in your Business

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Technology underpins much of the business world today, so much so we can’t operate without it! For businesses, getting the best from their technology is key for maintaining a competitive edge. Effective IT support is one key pillar to doing this. IT support isn’t just monitoring and maintaining systems and giving technical support, it also involves protecting businesses from cybersecurity threats, providing workplace productivity solutions, and more.
In this piece, we will walk you through 5 ways to build effective IT support in your business so that you can minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and streamline your IT to support your business to keep doing its best work.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Many IT issues seem to come out of the blue and then cause avoidable disruption to your operations and the employee experience. With monitoring and maintenance tools, you can anticipate and prevent potential problems before they have the chance to cause disruptions. This positive and active approach enables IT support teams to anticipate issues, apply necessary updates and patches, and prevent potential disruptions to business operations. With maintenance, a business can also enhance how quickly and reliably its IT systems operate, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Clear Communication Channels

Clear communication channels are key to resolving IT issues that have become a problem. This importance cannot be overstated, as clear communication enables faster issue resolution and increased trust and rapport between your staff. If there is something of a disconnect between IT support and your wider team, whether in the form of delayed responses or unnecessarily long back and forths, then creating clear communication channels should be prioritized to expedite issue resolution and minimize impact on your workflows.
There are few ways to improve communication, one being multichannel communication. Different users have different communication preferences and situations that will affect how they would like to get in contact. Offer traditional email and phone support, alongside instant messaging or video conferencing abilities as this can enrich the IT support experience. For example, the ability to visually see the problem while providing a personable support experience is possible via video conferencing.
Other tools include remote viewing software which enable IT support teams to directly troubleshoot problems for users that are working remotely, as well as forms for logging problems with the details that are needed. These tools can help your IT team to deliver a superior support service while also solving problems faster and at the level of root cause.

Knowledge Base and Self-Service Options

This way saves time and money on solving IT challenges of a repetitive nature, such as login issues or the installation and configuration of company software for new users. Self-help options can be organized into a dedicated knowledge base portal or page, with specific resources for problems such as written step by step guides, FAQs, as well as video tutorials that empower users to solve problems on their own.
The benefits of this will scale with your business, for example, imagine a mid-sized company with their own dedicated IT support team. They find out that a large portion of their support requests involve simple IT issues. Including password resets, software installations, and email configuration. To address this opportunity to save time and empower their staff, the company decides to develop a comprehensive knowledge base, just as we described, to help with these challenges.
With these resources, a considerable amount of time is saved month by month that enables your IT team to focus on more complex and strategic challenges, that can drive deeper forms of value in your business. With a clear, accessible and helpful resource base, your people can be empowered to independently get the best from their IT wherever they can.

Employee Training and Awareness

Training and awareness is a great way to provide IT knowledge that sticks in the minds of your teams, empowering them to use their IT environment effectively and securely. We recommend spending time on educating users on threat detection and prevention (i.e phishing emails), as well as offering sessions introducing new features and software. These opportunities enable questions and suggestions that help everyone and get your teams on the same page about your technology and processes for using it.
By aligning your people with your systems, IT support enhances its effectiveness by empowering users to leverage their technology productively and autonomously in their work.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

Making it a cultural habit in your IT support teams to actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement, will continuously add value to your business with benefits that spreads across the organization. To seek opportunities for improvement, instate processes for finding feedback and putting them into action plans to bring them to life. Feedback can arise from support ticket data (an implicit way) and in more explicit forms such as direct feedback form submissions and support ratings about the experience. Dedicated surveys that can gain feedback and insights on a great range of facets of your IT support function, can give a sizeable and comprehensive source of feedback from your teams.


Effective IT support is a great way to continually boost a business’s efficiency, performance and security. Ultimately, this contributes to a competitive edge that empowers your business to grow. By implementing proactive monitoring, establishing clear communication channels, providing self-service options, investing in employee training, and seeking continuous improvement, organizations can optimize their IT support capabilities. By implementing these tips, you can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and minimize downtime, enabling your business to focus more on its core activities, backed by reliable and efficient IT support.

Centarus: A Leading IT Support Provider

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