Awareness Training

Make your employees a critical part of your cyber defense strategy.

Encourage cyber vigilance, Safeguard your business

While cybersecurity statistics vary from year to year, one uncomfortable truth remains constant: end user actions instigate the vast majority of cyber breaches. Let Centarus help you mitigate human-related security risks with our unique approach that combines technology, policy, practice and training.

Privileged Access Management

We can apply the "principle of least privilege" across your user accounts and identities. This gives staff the resources they need to work effectively while mitigating account takeover risks.

Multi-factor Authentication

Today's hackers have the means to circumvent traditional authentication techniques. Centarus can deploy and manage multi-factor authentication across your devices and systems to keep bad actors our of your network.

Employee Security Training

Phishing emails are the number one cyber threat facing businesses today. Our employee security training educates staff on modern phishing techniques and provides attack simulations to test learning outcomes.

Remote Device Management

Remote working can be beneficial for employees and business owners alike, so long as risks are addressed. Remote device management from Centarus ensures your remote team have access to secure, fully-managed devices that protect your data and the interests of your business.

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Zero-Trust Security

Securing infrastructure and data for today’s modern digital world, Zero-Trust Security requires authentication, authorization, and continuous validation, to properly secure your data. Centarus can help you apply the six main principles of zero-trust security across your digital ecosystem. Here’s a brief introduction:

Continuous monitoring and validation

User privilege and access rights and data loss prevention mechanisms must undergo continuous review and be updated to reflect business changes. A detail-driven, proactive approach is key to managing cyber risk and ensuring sound data governance.

Least privilege

User account privileges should be granted on the basis of strict need, in order to limit the spread of harm that could result from an account takeover. "Admin" privileges should be limited to as few accounts as possible.

Device access control

Mobile device management makes it possible to enforce security policies across mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Administer security updates, mandate strict authentication protocols, and prohibit unauthorized downloads to keep your network and the data within it, secure.


Microsegmentation divides your network into security control zones, with firewalls acting as "checkpoints" to halt unauthorized network traffic. Microsegmentation lets you build a protective shield around your sensitive digital assets without restricting employee access.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Traditional username/password authentication is no deterrent to a determined cybercriminal. Multi-factor authentication requires the submission of an additional identifier that cannot be easily guessed or spoofed, such as a fingerprint, one-time access token or a code sent to a registered secondary device.

Preventing lateral movement

A key objective of zero-trust security is limiting the spread of harm that can result from a data breach. This is achieved using a combination of the practices listed above, as well as others like applying controls to sensitive documents, introducing a strict password policy and creating a "whitelist" of approved, trusted applications.

Dark Web Assessment & Employee Security Training

You may have up-to-date, enterprise-grade security solutions in place, but cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to exploit your digital credentials, jeopardize your systems, or commit other impersonation crimes. Often, they easily succeed by tricking your unsuspecting employees into opening legitimate-looking emails containing malicious malware that could paralyze your operations or wipe out your entire database.

Centarus’s Dark Web Breach Assessment scans illicit websites for compromised credentials, so that you can take action to lock down your digital assets. Our Employee Security Training provides your people with key insights into the tecniques used by phishing scammers, ensuring your team become a vital component in your business’s security strategy.

Real Time Assessment

Uncover whether your account credentials have been exposed to the dark web with real-time assessments that scan up to three domains simultaneously. We examine the parts of the dark web most likely to yield a positive result, so that you can take action to lock down the affected accounts.

Test your employees

Our employee vulnerability assessment lets you gauge staff awareness of the most pressing cybersecurity threats facing your business. Identify opportunities for further learning with data-driven insights into employee security posture.

Latest Tips & Tricks

Our monthly newsletter helps you and your team keep on top of the latest cybersecurity threats and developments. Get the lowdown on emergent threats, and introduce security controls accordingly to stay one step ahead of the bad actors.

Training Simulations

Conduct phishing simulation exercises designed to test employee knowledge, and assess reactions to the manipulative tactics deployed by scammers. Review staff performance using an intuitive dashboard and monitor training outcomes over time.

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