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Overcome adversity with BUsiness Continuity solutions from centarus

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) centers around processes, strategies and technologies which help your business recover from challenging circumstances and resume normal operations in the quickest possible time. A well-conceived BCDR strategy protects stakeholder interests, business revenue streams and maintains the integrity and availability of organizational data. Here’s what your can expect from Centarus’s BCDR solutions:

Full Infrastructure Recovery

Our industry-leading backup and recovery solution allows us to restore the systems and data that are critical to the smooth running of your operation, including servers, phone systems, network connections, cloud assets and more.

Multi-Location Data Backup

We backup your vital data and systems in line with industry best practices. Data is copied to both a local storage location and our backup partner's highly secure cloud datacenter. This provides redundancy through multiple-pathway recoverability for the ultimate in peace of mind.

We Prioritize Business Continuity

We work closely with you to identify risks and vulnerabilities across your operation. We then help you develop a BCDR strategy that manages these risks and creates a clear, actionable path to a swift recovery.

Fast, Frequent & Reliable Business Backup

With Centarus, your business's data backup infrastructure will be fully managed and regularly tested to ensure ongoing reliability and guaranteed efficacy. Your BCDR infrastructure will be maintained in state of constant readiness.

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Datto BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)

We’re proud to partner with Datto, a global giant in the BCDR space, with an unmatched track record in delivering cutting-edge backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Their impressive products, combined with our commitment to developing customized solutions, ensures your business benefits from a fully-compliant, expertly managed BCDR solution that’s fine-tuned around your IT infrastructure.

Datto’s BCDR solution can be configured to protect the assets and functions you need to remain operational through testing times. Here are just some of the systems you can protect:


Backup and restore both physical and virtual servers. Copy critical, server-hosted data, applications and configurations to the cloud for easy, fast system restoration.


Protect contact information, call logs, settings and voicemail data with data backup that enables the complete restoration of your phone system. Resume contact with clients and stakeholders, with BCDR that safeguards your key communication channel.

Network Connections

Make your network resilient and robust in the face of disruption, by backing up connections and configurations. Restore seamless connectivity fast, and safeguard access to the data stores and systems your employees need to work productively.

Network Drives

Mitigate against accidental loss, hardware failure and data breaches by backing up the content of your network storage drives. Ensure compliance with data protection regimes by maintaining 100% data availability at all times.

Online Systems

Protect against cloud service outages and maximize data resilience and availability by creating copies of cloud-hosted data and resources. Copying data to an off-cloud location means the critical information you need is always within reach.

With a business continuity plan in place, your business will be positioned to continually maintain smooth operations and ensure data protection, no matter what challenges come your way.

The Benefits of Backup and Business Continuity from Centarus

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan acts as a vital insurance policy for your business. Centarus will work closely with you to identify your critical systems, data and infrastructure and incorporate these into a comprehensive BCDR strategy to provide 100% recovery, 100% of the time.

Here are just a few of the benefits our BCDR solutions provide:

Fully Managed for Added Peace of Mind

End-to-end deployment, management and testing of your data backup ensures it's performing optimally and always ready! Our partnership with datto is testament to our commitment to service excellence and technical proficiency.

maintain Compliance

Numerous data protection regulations and standards require organizations to establish data backups, including HIPAA, GDPR and the CCPA. Centarus will ensure your data backup and recovery mechanisms satisfy the requirements of the legislation that applies to your business.

Complete Recovery, Anytime, Anywhere

We can restore everything, from individual files and folders to operating systems and server architecture, at anytime and to any compatible device. Enjoy unparalleled recovery capabilities that minimize downtime and keep your business profitable.

Protect Your Business Interests

Business disruption can cause financial loss, reputational damage and erode the confidence of customers and stakeholders. We take all of this into account when crafting a BCDR strategy for your business, to ensure you're able to emerge from disruptive events with minimal negative impact.

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