Next-gen cybersecurity for the ultimate in dynamic digital protection.

Gain advanced protection with your own security operations centre.

The cyber threat landscape is in constant flux. Cybercriminals are continuously adpating their capabilities and techniques in an effort to exploit unsuspecting, poorly defended organizations. This requires businesses to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity that leverages the best solutions to stay one step ahead of the bad actors.

Centarus’s Security Operations Centres (SOC) service provides dedicated, real-time threat monitoring across identities, devices, applications, clouds, and networks. Enjoy agile, responsive threat mitigation that leverages AI to take swift, decisive action against suspicious activity and malicious intruders.

Signature-Based Detection

Take advantage of threat detection capabilities that leverage the world's largest library of known threat signatures. Neutralize incoming malware and stop harmful web traffic in its tracks before harm is inflicted.

AI-Powered Monitoring

Our advanced detection and response system continuously monitors network metrics and activity logs for signals of anomalous user activity. This allows action to be taken before criminals can gain a foothold in your network.

Protect Your Cloud

Our managed SOC service can monitor for developing threats across cloud assets as well as you on-premises infrastructure. With Microsoft 365 and Azure active directory event log monitoring, Centarus SOC can safeguard your cloud accounts and data and provide a 'secure score' to evaluate cloud security posture.

Complete Endpoint Security

Centarus SOC is compatible with both MacOS and Windows endpoints, for comprehensive protection that covers all the devices you use. Third party integrations with other next-gen security tools facilitates a multi-layered security strategy as recommended by leading cybersecurity experts and bodies.

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A Game-changing Security Solution for Businesses

Combining next-generation cybersecurity technology with a team of experienced cybersecurity analysts, Centarus SOC offers next-level threat protection for a more mature security posture. Working in close collaboration with your SOC, our Security incident and event management (SIEM) system from Perch, gathers security event information from across your environment and translates it into communicable insights that can be used to drive security posture enhancements. 

Environment-wide Protection

Centarus SOC monitors for known and suspected threats across devices, identities, clouds, applications and on-premises hardware. Bring your entire digital realm under the scope of a truly world-class security stack.

Stop Malicious Actors Fast

With the ability to automate threat remediation, and 24/7 threat escalation that empowers you to take fast action, you'll be able to stop intruders before they're able to gain any ground.

Leading Edge Breach Detection

Thanks to powerful machine learning algorithms, Centarus SOC can detect suspicious behaviours and attack attempts that would go unnoticed by traditional cybersecurity tools.

No Hardware Requirement

Our SOC solution is entirely cloud-based, meaning you won't have to host any hardware in your office. Centarus SOC works invisibly to neutralize threats, with zero impact on end user experience.

Maintain and Review Security Event Data

Our next-gen SIEM platform from Perch translates raw activity data from numerous endpoints and systems into communicable insights. Generate reports, demonstrate compliance and evolve your security posture armed with the right intel.

Monitor Security Activity Across the Tools your Use

Thanks to compatibility with leading cloud security providers, including Microsoft, AWS and Google's G-Suite, our SIEM solution allows you to monitor and analyze security activity across the third party tools you use.

Next-gen security that unlocks measurable benefits

Level-up your cybersecurity with SOC and SIEM from Centarus.

Demonstrate Compliance

Provide evidence of cybersecurity proactivity and generate detailed reports for auditing purposes that demonstrate cybersecurity best practice.

Gain Visibility

Our SOC and SIEM services shed light on security activity trends and correlations that traditional security tools overlook. Mature your security posture with AI-powered, granular insights.

Invest in Your Success

Implementing SOC and SIEM is an investment in your future success. Avoid costly IT downtime, reduce the risk of data breaches and streamline cybersecurity management for substantial long-term cost savings and impressive ROI.

Protect Your Reputation

A single cyber breach event can have a devastating effect on any business's reputation. By incorporating SOC and SIEM into your security strategy you'll inspire confidence through your steadfast commitment to cybersecurity excellence.

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