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CoMpliance Consultancy and Support

Data protection regulations grant individuals power over how their information is used, stored and handled. In the context of IT, these regulations have numerous cybersecurity and data governance implications, requiring organizations to pay close attention to key stipulations, and apply the necessary controls to avoid potentially serious legal and financial ramifications. Centarus’s compliance consulatancy and guidance ensures your policies, processes and data governance controls meet the standards required by industry regulators and governing bodies. We take care of compliance, so you can focus on running your business.

Not Compliance Confident?

As businesses grow and evolve compliance can feel like an insurmountable challenge. We can bring your policies and data controls back into alignment with state, federal, or industry-mandated requirements.

Need Help Navigating the Regulations?

From HIPAA and the CCPA to GDPR, the Graham-Leach-Bliley act, PCI DSS and many others, we're well-practised in helping organisations navigate and comply with the most demanding data protection regimes.

Worried about Penalties for Non-Compliance?

Our compliance gap analysis process will expose shortcomings in your compliance structures and controls. We can then work together to evolve your compliance posture from where it is now, to where it needs to be. With Centarus at your side, non-compliance is a non-issue.

Remote Work Compliance Struggles?

Remote work carries a specific set of compliance challenges. We can help you govern remote data effectively, using secure remote access solutions and mobile device management to mitigate off-site data risks.

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Conquer Compliance and Information Governance With centarus

We work with some of California’s most heavily regulated sectors. We understand what’s at stake, and we know how to develop watertight compliance frameworks.

Risk Assessments and Compliance Gap Analysis

A risk-based approach to compliance is advocated in numerous regulations. We can help you identify and confront the biggest risks to your data, and our compliance gap analysis can examine areas where your current posture is falling short.

Policy Development

Information security policies provide codified guidance to staff and stakeholders, informing them of their duties in terms of maintaining compliance. We'll help you create tailored policies that proportionately address the risks in your data processing activities.

Training and Education

Our employee training and education enlightens staff on the risks and threats facing your business's data, and stresses the importance of acting with due care and diligence when handling personally identifiable information (PII).

Data Loss Prevention

We can help you configure the technical controls necessary to prevent the unauthorised deletion, alteration, theft or loss of sensitive data, including data flow monitoring, read-only permissions, data classification and user privilege management.

Data Backup and Recovery

Maintaining continuous data availability is a foundational principle of many regulations. Centarus's reliable, fully-managed data backup and recovery solution ensures your sensitive information remains retrievable and fully available even when an operational disaster strikes.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

Maintaining compliance requires continuous adaptation to changing regulations and a responsive approach to fluctuating data security risks. We can continuously review your compliance posture to ensure policies, practices and technical controls remain in constant alignment with the standards required.

HOw We Help You Achieve Compliance

Our compliance gap analysis allows us to identify weaknesses in your data protection architecture, which we then tackle using a range of cost-appropriate measures and controls. Here’s how we help you bridge your compliance gaps.

Access and Authentication Management

We can help you manage user privileges and access rights in a way that limits access to sensitive data on the basis of strict need. Multi-factor authentication can be deployed to prevent malicious intrusion into stores of sensitive data, and by maintaining a log of sign in attempts we can investigate suspicious account activity.

Cyber risk Management

Our risk-based approach to compliance prioritizes data handling activities that pose the greatest threat to the privacy and integrity of data. Our cyber risk assessment process scans your environment for latent threats and vulnerabilities, allowing us to prescribe best-fit solutions and measures to address any issues uncovered.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

"Data loss prevention" refers to strategies, policies, practices and tools that aim to prevent the unauthorized access, distribution, deletion, misuse or alteration or sensitive information. From data classification to encryption and everything in between, Centarus can help you maintain a tight grip on your data through stringent information governance controls.

Security Monitoring

Leading data protection regulations encourage organizations to undertake security event monitoring in order to drive ongoing, data-driven security posture improvements. Centarus's SOC and SIEM services arm you with intelligent insights on emergent security risks and threats across you digital environment, so that you can take effective action that's supported by relevant intel.

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