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Dependable business IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting in the Bay Area.

All companies deserve high-end IT, but it isn't always cheap.

It is because of this that our Co-Managed IT services are designed to blend the convenience of an onsite team and the professionalism of an expert one.

Whilst you may already have a trusted onsite IT team, the complexity of Cloud Computing, VoIP, Office Moves, industry regulations, as well as much more can be a lot to deal with for an unexperienced team.

Co Managed
Is Co-managed IT a good Idea?
This whitepaper discusses the benefits of choosing the co-managed IT services model and tells you why you shouldn’t strike an MSP off your list completely just because you have your in-house IT technicians.

Benefits of our Co-Managed Service

Centarus Co-Managed IT services compliment your existing staff by offering comprehensive IT planning & strategy planning in order to scale your business:

Remain Control Over Operations

Choose which areas of operation you want to streamline with third-party input and direct the rest toward your onsite team.

Around the Clock Support

With Co-Managed IT, cover things like sick or vacation time so you can take time off and know that the network and systems are still being supported.

Build Employee Morale

With improved strategies, quicker response times, professional consultations and supported decision making, help build a better enviroment for your employees.

Proactive Planning and Guidance

Co-management means instant implementation for new strategies or projects without the commitment involved with hiring a new employee.

Hear from some of our happy customers

Hear how our approach and services have transformed businesses from the success stories of our satisfied clients.
"Dale Roberts and the Centarus team are absolutely incredible. They ensure that customer service is top-notch and their service exceeds expectations."
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Paloma Chavez
Happy Client

With the help of our Co-Managed IT Service you can be sure to expect:


Relive your staff of technology headaches with Managed IT Services from Centarus. Streamline your IT and harness the power of technology to make you and your staff more productive.


Recent events have highlighted the need for improved cybersecurity. Centarus offer enhanced cybersecurity through a variety of measures, ensuring a safe future of your business.


Get the most out of your business technology with Cloud-Based Solutions that provide maximum uptime and superior reliability.


Virtualization by Centarus can help you increase flexibility and maximize your technology resources while freeing up office space.

The highly skilled professionals at Centarus provide the assistance you need when your business technology is down. With worldwide service, our technology produces optimum results to your company’s productivity and profitability.

Should your business requirements include help in fixing PC or Mac issues, online troubleshooting, physical hardware issues, application assistance & upgrading, or network connectivity issues, we have you covered, striving to enhance your cybersecurity protection and business coverage.

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