Network Protection

Protect the perimeter of your digital realm with next-generation defenses.

Achieve Enhanced network security

Cyberthreats are evolving by the minute, and keeping up with them on your own can be overwhelming, especially if it requires choosing the right security tools for different areas of your business IT.

That’s why Centarus offers Advanced Gateway Security Suite from SonicWall, a cost-effective bundle of robust firewall, real-time threat detection tools, routine updates, and 24/7 support.

Content Filtering

Concerned about employees accessing hazardous or unproductive websites from work devices? Sonicwall's content filtering services let you restrict access solely to secure, sanctioned sites and resources, to keep your team operating securely and effectively.


Sonicwall's multi-engined network sandbox allows you to screen programmes for malware and capture malicious code that has evaded your current firewall: an extra line of defense in your network protections armory.

Centralized Governance

Govern your firewall rules centrally from Sonicwall's cloud-based Network Security Manager (NSM). Enforce procedural compliance with auditable workflows designed to eliminate user error.

Anti-Spam Protections

Often used to transport malware or as a medium for conducting phishing scams, spam emails can present a serious threat to network security. Sonicwall's anti-spam service offers over 99% protection against spam, keeping threats and unsolicited junk emails out of your inboxes.

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Advanced Gateway Security Suite

Centarus offers the Advanced Gateway Security Suite from SonicWall, a cost-effective bundle of robust firewall, real-time threat detection tools, routine updates, and 24/7 support.

With Advanced Gateway Security Suite, you’ll also get:

ICSA-certified gateway threat protection that stops malware at the door by combining a list of network-based anti-malware with over 20 million malware signatures in the cloud.

Effective content filtering tools that control employee access to suspicious or unproductive sites.

Round-the-clock technical support, updates, and upgrades to keep your systems safe and running smoothly at all times.

Cutting-edge intrusion prevention system (IPS) that monitors your network 24/7 and eliminates potential threats before they put your operations to a halt.

Application intelligence and control, a set of application-specific policies that gives you hassle-free control over access, bandwidth, and other granular tool and user configurations.

Benefits of Network security with Centarus

Network protection tools like firewalls and email filters have been around for decades, yet they remain a vital line of defense in the fight against cybercrime. Today’s next-gen solutions move the game on significantly, leveraging big data and AI to offer intelligent, agile and instantaneous protection against a sophisticated new breed of cyber threat.

Through our partnership with Sonicwall, Centarus can bring these cutting-edge security capabilities to your organization. Enjoy dynamic network protection that comes with numerous business benefits as standard:

Boost Productivity

Grant employees access to the sites and resources they need, and block those that could jeopardize network security or hinder productivity. Centarus can help you configure firewall rules that keep your team secure and productive.

Gain Oversight

Gain oversight into network traffic patterns and identify threats through activity log analysis and reporting. Centarus can help you draw actionable insights from data to implement informed security posture enhancements.

Stay Compliant

Numerous data protection regulations require a commensurate approach to data security, with cost-appropriate measures undertaken to mitigate risks to data. Comprehensive network security from Centarus ensures all the key components are in place to construct a robust, multi-layered security framework.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Fully-managed, always-active and supported by accredited experts: with Centarus, your business will enjoy a class-leading network protection solution managed and maintained by skilled technicians who understand the importance of watertight cybersecurity to your business.

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