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We manage your technology systems so you don’t have to!
"Centarus has been a valuable IT vendor to my firm. It is great to have a Managed IT provider that invests in their own internal systems to leverage technology and provide a great customer experience."
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts
Happy Client

Our Expertise

We provide comprehensive technology and cybersecurity management services in the San Francisco Bay Area, ensuring that you can focus on your core business. Our approach is rooted in following EOS principles to enhance our service delivery. We proudly serve as your all-inclusive IT management, security, and strategy partner for San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you’re unsure about the specific expertise your business requires, feel free to reach out to us with a brief description of your goals and identity.

We’ll not only fill in the blanks but provide you with a workable and affordable plan of action. We are a Managed IT & Cybersecurity firm, which means we look after you technology, applications, systems, and all peripherals for your business. Our expertise is focused but wide-ranging.
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Aside from all the technical wizardry and IT geekiness, what we promise is a real-life understanding of business needs. We’re here to make your life and business easier, not more complicated! To be a smoother operator you do need the right systems and support in place though.

Minimizing downtime and potential lost revenue means Centarus’ support solutions are engineered toward being a productive and profitable choice. If you want efficient, effective IT solutions that fit the framework of your enterprise, with round-the-clock technical support then you need our technology services.

Meet the Team!

Professional, proactive, and problem-solving driven IT support! Here at Centarus, our technology, engineer, and strategy consultant teams are qualified and experienced, with real industry knowledge. Don’t just take our word for it though. Together we’ve built a reputation as a San Francisco Bay Area Microsoft partner who specializes in designing practical & secure IT support solutions for your environment.

Rather than existing in a specialized IT bubble, we communicate with our clients in positive way without blasting you with IT jargon. Rather than treating you like a number, we believe in a personalized approach. At Centarus, you will experience a dynamic, forward-thinking IT solution-based company.

IT Guru & Account Manager
Hobby: Watching Rugby & Soccer
Born, raised and educated in Wales, Stephen has Centarus’ favorite accent. He moved to Boston while working in IT for Laura Ashley, later relocating to San Francisco to raise his two soccer-playing daughters. A perfect fit for Centarus’ IT team, Stephen “can’t amplify enough” how much he enjoys working with clients and making them happy. What makes him happy is volunteering for his daughters’ schools, as well as Welsh rugby and soccer — or as he calls it, football.
IT Guru & vCIO
Hobby: Science Fiction
Andrew enlisted in the Army after 9/11, earning Commendation Medals for Excellence overseeing network operations in a combat zone in Iraq and as a system/network administrator in South Korea. Armed with a degree in economics from Columbia University, a list of certifications and several years of civilian IT experience, Andrew joined Centarus as an IT Consultant. While he enjoys alleviating customers’ frustrations, he would really like to write a sci-fi script for TV.
General Manager
Hobby: Painting
Centarus cofounder Savita Sahi is an entrepreneur at heart. She managed all aspects of her family’s San Francisco restaurant by the time she was 16 years old, then earned a degree in education and set about transforming local schools. As part of her work in education administration, she built a computer lab at the Megan Furth Academy, honing her penchant for technology management. Savita prides herself on helping clients’ business run more efficiently and giving them a first-class customer experience. In her spare time, she hikes with her kids, makes art and is studying to teach yoga.
Office Manager
Hobby: Playing Music and Camping
A high-school elective class in programming set Mikayla on her career path, which includes serving as an IT specialist in the U.S. Army. Her technical background, combined with her certification in the ConnectWise ticketing system, makes her a perfect office manager for Centarus. A Virginia native who lives in South Carolina, Mikayla spends much of her free time working on her new house and raising her three dogs and two cats.
IT Guru & Founder
Hobby: Playing Guitar
Dale discovered his penchant for technology while working on radars during his time in the US Navy. He built on that experience with stints at tech firms, both nationally and internationally, eventually founding Centarus to help small companies leverage technology to grow their businesses. It’s his intent to prove to clients that their technology is not all that scary — as long as you have the right tools and support. If he weren’t in tech, Dale is pretty sure he would be a professional star-gazer.
IT Guru & Escalation
Crafting & Gardening
At age 7, Braxton started installing programs on an old XP computer. As his family got new computers, he would tear them town and rebuild them, until it grew into a career. Based in Arizona, Braxton enjoys learning new processes and working with new technologies. He provides remote tech support to Centarus clients, whom he finds particularly easy to work with. Outside of work, Braxton is passionate about music and gardening, and he loves cows and sheep.
Centralized Services
Hobby: Listening to Tunes
With a bachelor’s degree in technology, Manjeet utilizes his skills in both electronics and communications to assist Centarus clients. He parlayed his work in customer support for companies such as Accenture into a career in IT and tech support, where his penchant for learning new technologies comes into play every day. A native of Punjab, India, Manjeet is a car-lover who also enjoys playing video games and music.
IT Guru
Hobby: Cars & Coral-Reefing
Ryan is a San Francisco native whose uncle got him into fixing computers when he was growing up. When it came time to choose a career, Ryan realized he already had the skills and mindset to pursue IT. Known for his easy smile and laughter, he loves the problem-solving and “curve balls” in his day-to-day work for Centarus’ clients. When not at work, Ryan has an eclectic mix of hobbies, including showing cars he’s fixed up, “coral-reefing” with the saltwater coral-reef tank in his home, and spending time with his family, including his dog, a Malti-Shitz named Casper.
Centralized Services Manager
Hobby: Dancing
John Dix learned about computers from his father, who would bring them home and teach his son operating languages such as GW-BASIC and MS-DOS. But when it came time to choose a career, the native Texan became a professional dancer and choreographer — until a car accident left him with a back injury. He turned back to technology, earning a BS in IT, as well as an MBA. He enjoys the MSP environment at Centarus, where “every day is an adventure.” When he’s not working or dancing, John spends his time with his wife and five children.
IT Guru & Servicedesk
Hobby: Photography & Gaming
A Florida native, Mick began his road to a professional IT career in middle school, where he started learning about networking and troubleshooting. Following a stint as a member of the Geek Squad, he was looking for a smaller, more tightknit team, and he found Centarus fit the bill perfectly. Mick is enjoying working directly with Centarus’ clients to solve their problems, and in his spare time, he is into photography and gaming.
IT Guru & Account Manager
Hobby: American Football & Retro Gaming
Growing up in San Diego, Blake attended LAN parties with his friends. He built his first computer at age 13 and never looked back — IT was for him. He staffs Centarus’ help desk and assists clients with setting up and managing various systems. When he’s not working, Blake manages his five kids’ busy schedules and helps tend to the animals on the farm on which he and his wife are currently living.
Service Delivery & Dispatch
Hobby: Cooking & Photography
Bay Area–native Brandon started building computers at the age of 12. So began his path to a career in IT, which includes a stint handling tech support for Tesla. He is happy to be working as a dispatcher for Centarus, where he is often the first point of contact for clients experiencing computer issues. A self-described "big geek," Brandon likes video games and movies, as well as the occasional hike for vitamin D.
IT Guru & Enrollment
Hobby: Football & Boxing
Injuries kept Richard from becoming the professional football player he'd planned to be, but the Arizona native found a passion for IT while in the U.S. Army. His favorite part about staffing Centarus' help desk is that there is always an answer to every problem. When not solving client issues, he plays and coaches various sports and spends time with his family.
IT Guru & Servicedesk
Hobby: Watching Weird Movies & Video Games
A native Californian, Joshua loved playing video games so much when he was growing up that he would dress up as Mario for fun. He built his first gaming computer when he was 18. It wouldn't run and he had to figure out why — that's when he became hooked on IT. Now, his favorite thing is to fix things that other people can't fix. Outside of work, he has a passion for "mind-bending" movies, trying new food and, of course, playing video games.
IT Guru & Servicedesk Manager
Hobby: Gaming & Voice Acting
Amanda graduated from high school in Texas at what she calls "the dawn of the tech age," but she remembers being around computers for her whole life — all the way back to an IBM with its giant floppy drive. Her father calls her a "technomancer," and she sees IT as a foreign language she understood from birth. As a help desk technician for Centarus, she loves "helping people without making them feel stupid." When she isn't working, Amanda is an avid gamer; she spends time with her two dogs and four cats and thinks about resuscitating her podcast on streaming media.
IT Guru & Centralized Services
Hobby: Grilling Food & Playing Video Games
A Midwest native transplanted to Texas, Jesus worked in aerospace as an aircraft mechanic before making the switch to technology. He brought with him great troubleshooting skills and a talent for providing back-end support at Centarus. When he's not at work, Jesus is lifting weights at the gym, playing soccer or spending time with his family.
IT Guru & Account Manager
Hobby: Writing Novels and playing video games
While growing up in the German countryside, Dominic spent time building computers with his dad. When the family moved to Texas in 2006, he stayed on this path, graduating from school and joining the Navy, where he worked in IT. He enjoys solving complex problems for Centarus clients, likening it to putting together the pieces to a puzzle. When not working, Dominic can be found creating models and statues with his 3D printers, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and riding his motorcycle.
IT Guru & Enrollment
Hobby: Motorcycle mechanics & camping
Born and raised in Texas, Raul took an early interest in electronics; he was fascinated by capacitors, cathode ray tubes and circuit boards. He built his first computer as a teenager, then earned a degree and several certifications in IT. He has a great fondness for helping people navigate the complexities of the internet of things. When he's not helping Centarus customers, Raul enjoys camping with his family, riding his motorcycle and listening to the soothing vibes of Synthwave music.

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