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"Dale Roberts and the Centarus team are absolutely incredible. They ensure that customer service is top-notch and their service exceeds expectations."
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Meet Dale, President of Centarus Inc

Dale’s journey into the realm of technology began with his service in the U.S. Navy, where he specialized in radar technology. This experience laid the foundation for his subsequent roles in various tech firms around the globe, culminating in the founding of Centarus.

His passion is to make technology accessible and beneficial for small businesses, emphasizing that with the right tools and support, technology can be a powerful ally rather than a source of fear.

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Let's talk about your business!

By booking a meeting with Dale, you’re not just gaining access to a seasoned tech expert, you’re also tapping into a dedicated advocate for your business’s growth. Dale’s unique blend of technical proficiency and real-world experience ensures that Centarus clients receive personalized, effective solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity.


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