Common Misconceptions about Co-Managed IT

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In our previous article we explored Co-Managed IT services, we found out what they are and some of the many benefits to choosing this method of IT and support. Now we will explore some of the common misconceptions surrounding the practice, hopefully enlightening you to its possibilities.

Common Misconceptions about Co-Managed IT

There are some misconceptions about what a Co-Managed IT service is and how it can work for your company. It is because of this that many business owners disregard this type of IT service before even learning what it is and what it can do for them. Here are some of those common misconceptions:

1) Co-Managed IT services are the same as outsourcing

Remember that Co-Managed IT services are not the same as outsourcing. Outsourcing is the process of transferring all of your IT work to an external company, whereas Co-Managed IT services allow you to keep your internal team – they work alongside the expert external team (as we explained in our previous article).

2) Co-Managed IT is only for small/large businesses

Co-Managed IT can work for any company of any size. Co-Managed IT – like outsourced IT – can be scaled to meet the needs of your organization at will.

3) Co-Managed IT is more expensive than hiring internally

On the contrary, most companies will spend far less than they would by hiring internally. This is because you will be hard stretched to find an ‘IT guy’ that isn’t a professional or specialist. If you want someone to handle Microsoft systems and software, that person possibly won’t also be able to manage your website and vice versa.

All IT is not the same, and an expert in all IT simply doesn’t exist, so you must find the right ones for your business, and the right external team is the far cheaper option. IT goes further than you think – have you considered cyber security, Backups, Disaster recovery, Website maintenance, Future planning, or strategy? No? Well, hiring multiple people to manage all of this can prove to be extortionately expensive. However, an external IT provider will give you access to a team of experts as part of your monthly contract fee, offering you a wide array of expertise and ensuring costs stay down whilst innovation and growth continues.

Now that some of the misconceptions have been corrected, let’s explore how to get started with Co-Managed IT services.

Getting started with Co-Managed IT services

Are you interested in using Co-Managed IT services? You must begin by looking within your own company and its specific needs. Do you know what you want to outsource and what your IT needs are? Do you know what you want an external provider to do? Co-Managed IT solutions could be right for your business, so contact our team and let us help you decide what is the best option for the future of your organization. For more information, check out our Co-managed IT page here.

Ensuring a secure IT Landscape

We customize our services to meet your specific business needs. Whether you have a single location or multiple operations across the country or around the globe, Centarus will partner with you to implement the right IT solutions to help you reduce costs, streamline your processes, and increase productivity. Our team of experts will ensure that you and your team are not only working in the most secure way possible in your IT environment, but also that you are prepared for a secure future too. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


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