Harness More Value from Technology for Profit – Technology Solutions to Consider

In our last article we explored the key qualities of modern technology that can drive profitable value for your business in today’s world. To help you to sharpen your competitive edge, in this piece we will outline some specific technologies that you can consider applying in your business.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has become a go-to platform for a comprehensive suite of cloud-based workplace tools. MS 365 offers the traditional capabilities of Microsoft Office but with many added features and abilities, including AI-driven capabilities.

Of particular note is Microsoft Teams, which enables teams to collaborate and video call in real time on a versatile and user-friendly interface. On Microsoft 365, tools integrate with each other, for example you can open a Word Document on Microsoft Teams without needing to open a separate application for it. Microsoft 365 apps are also openable on browser tabs, making for a more streamlined working experience.

Here are some of the key tools offered on Microsoft 365:

SharePoint: Is an easy way to share documents to a whole team of people at once and to keep them all organized in real time across your business. Its intelligent search features make document searching a breeze, saving time and frustration.

Teams: A business communications frontrunner, Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to conduct video and voice calls, schedule meetings, direct message and have chats with your whole team in one sleek and intuitive interface. On channels, you can send and store documents that are accessible to everyone in one handy interface.

Power Automate: This tool enables businesses to automate workflows across the suite of Office software to drive greater efficiency.

Power BI: This data analytics tool enables businesses to setup and get an overview of its data and to analyze it with intelligent insights and features.

Outlook: The Microsoft email service, but on the cloud. Outlook on Microsoft 365 bakes in intelligent AI tools that skillfully filter emails, give you data-driven productivity and collaboration insights and optimizations, and assistance with writing emails.

CoPilot (coming soon): Although it’s yet to be released, CoPilot will revolutionize the way that users operate on Microsoft 365. In a nutshell, it has features similar to ChatGPT with some extras; it will be able to be commanded to schedule meetings, send emails, and draft documents for you, and offer advice and solutions to daily workplace tasks.

Microsoft 365 is a prime example of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product. It has subscription packages available to suit any business, and you pay monthly, based on your package and the number of users that you have. With Microsoft 365, scaling your team and features is doable with the click of a button.

Cloud Hosting

In traditional IT, a business would have to host email servers, websites and applications itself, including the complexities, costs and obligations that come with it. With cloud hosting, you can outsource your physical IT infrastructure to a cloud provider that will host your data and systems on your behalf, eliminating these pain points for businesses. Highly scalable, these solutions offer a responsive and precise pricing model for businesses.

With cloud service providers, businesses can let go of large up-front investment costs into IT infrastructure, and simply pay for what they use. In essence, businesses can now access more computing power, at a variable cost that better matches fluctuating demand.

Managed Security

For businesses lacking the technical capabilities to implement robust cybersecurity measures, the world of cybersecurity can seem dizzying, daunting and time-consuming. The rise of cyber threats has amplified these difficulties, but there is a better way! A managed security provider can backup your data, make a business continuity strategy, and deploy a set of holistic measures across your business to protect your IT environment from the spectrum of cyber threats at play today.

It’s important to remember that as the world’s digital technology gets smarter, so will the methods of cyber criminals. Businesses that neglect robust cybersecurity solutions, will be putting themselves at grave risk. While it does not give direct positive value to businesses, it is effectively a protective measure and a form of insurance that will help to keep businesses safe on their commercial journey.

Cloud-Hosted VoIP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most affordable and cost-efficient technology solutions on the market. It’s one that requires almost no hardware in most cases and is easy to get started with.

VoIP allows you to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection. The systems also come packed with features such as auto attendants, call queues, call recording, voicemail-to-email and much more. Call bundles are often included, making it much more affordable to conduct calls, especially when calling overseas. Another benefit is that VoIP is usually managed and used via a software interface, these providers often allow integrations with other software and channels, helping to streamline processes and deliver more value.

We hope this piece has given you some practical ideas for how to incorporate modern technology that drives profitable and scalable growth for your business. Remember, as the world continue to adopt new technology solutions, the businesses that lag behind, will gradually blunt their competitive edge. By mapping the technologies that can drive value in your business into an actionable technology roadmap, you can ensure your business remains at the front of its market by deploying the latest technologies to drive more value and efficiency as the commercial environment evolves.

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