How to Ensure the Security of your Microsoft 365

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We now understand that just because your company is small, doesn't necessarily imply you are safe from cyberattacks. You are really more likely to be targeted because most small businesses have significantly lower levels of security than their larger competitors.

This motivated us to look into safeguards for Microsoft 365. We focused on some of the most popular strategies used by hackers to target your system because we know that the success of the majority of businesses rely on the power of 365.

In this article we will discuss various security precautions you can take to shield your system from intrusions and the likely effects of they may have.

What might occur if there is a successful breach?

• Business masking – It would be disastrous for your Microsoft 365 system if a hacker had access to it. They would have full access to your contacts and email history, giving them the opportunity to gather private information about your company. They have full ability to erase or spread that information, and they are fully aware of who you do business with and how much money is transmitted with each company. Alternatively, accidentally designating your computer as a prospective target for future assaults.

• Data Theft – The files stored in your OneDrive and SharePoint libraries may be deleted, lost, or damaged. This would be bad for your business since, in addition to getting you into legal difficulty, it would be difficult to win back the trust of the clients whose data was taken.

• Theft of private information – You almost certainly keep records that contain login details for external systems or, in the worst case, client or business financial information. Once more, if specific information were stolen, it could be terrible and even fatal for the organisation.

Microsoft 365 – The tool that makes it all possible

The Microsoft 365 cloud ecosystem enables millions of users to work. For some of us, it stretches back to our early years and has been a part of our life for many years. Without its regular uses, we cannot fulfil our daily tasks. As it has been in use, its capability has increased to take into consideration practically every circumstance. As it is so frequently used it will inevitably allow in a deluge of emails, and some of them will be hazardous.

Securing Microsoft 365

To ensure the security of your system, there are two crucial issues that must be addressed. The first is the development of a comprehensive policy that clearly outlines the accessibility and proper use of Microsoft 365 for all users within your organization. This policy should cover all aspects of the platform, including email, file sharing, and collaboration tools, among others. The second critical aspect is establishing appropriate controls and safeguards for technology used within your company. This includes implementing firewalls, antivirus software, and other protective measures to prevent unauthorized access to your network and sensitive data. By addressing these two issues, you can significantly enhance the security of your system and protect your organization against cyber threats.

Tech defences

In today's digital age, cyber threats have become a real concern for businesses. However, there are technical defences that can protect businesses from these threats. There are defences to protect against "spoofing" attacks, where fraudsters impersonate a business's domain. Other defences include preventing phishing efforts with the use of technology such as email filters and avoiding opening or downloading malicious email attachments, like ransomware and malware. Furthermore, these defences can also prevent unauthorised individuals from intercepting or accessing content and attachments in emails. By implementing these technical defences, businesses can ensure that they are protected from cyber threats and safeguard their sensitive information.

Your Users

The system's most important line of defence is without a doubt its users. Regardless of how much money you spend on technological protection, your system is vulnerable, and it only takes one click for your firm to potentially go under.

These hazards are caused by your users' use of Microsoft 365 and depend on:

• Sharing files and documents

• Email messages' capacity for sharing potentially sensitive information

• The assigned rights and level of system access

• How difficult their password is and whether it is exclusive to Office 365 or used as a generic password for other services.

Microsoft 365 security defaults – what are they?

Wherever they are on the earth, you may create security settings for your users and turn them on to automatically enforce a variety of laws. Users who have used Office 365 for some time but have never used security defaults may feel that they cost extra or are included in a more expensive plan but they are free and provided if you are an organisation that utilises at least the free tier of the Azure Active Directory service.

Let's examine a few security defaults, including:

• Demand that all users sign up for MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

• Make MFA a requirement for all system administrators.

• Demand MFA actions from users after specific actions

• Disallow older types of authentication.

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