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The Microsoft 365 Security Centre is the central hub for security in your entire Microsoft ecosystem. The 365 Security Centre gives your appointed security administrator or risk management team a place to defend your systems from.

What Is Microsoft Compliance Manager?

Remaining compliant isn’t easy, Microsoft know that – which is why they have the Compliance Manager to help you stay on top of data and information privacy in your business. The compliance manager makes managing your various compliance requirements much easier than when you approach it solo, it will take inventory of data protection risks and ensure and will make sure you stay up to date with ever changing certifications.

Microsoft 365 Security Best Practices

The security features that come with the Microsoft 365 subscription are quite extensive. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to bolster your security measures even further. The following will improve your organization levels of security considerably.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a particularly easy – but effective – addition to your cyber security measures. MFA is the process of using more than one way to verify the identity of the individual logging into an account. MFA come in the form of passcodes sent via phone and email, fingerprints, and passwords, the intention is to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your data and sensitive accounts. MFA is a good addition, even if the criminal knows your password they still won’t be granted access.

Office Message Encryption

Office Message Encryption encrypts your emails that travel within and outside your organization – this allows you to feel confident that your team are working as securely as possible.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks are the most popular choice of cyber attack by criminals. Phishing emails are the vessel from which malicious links and attachments reside. Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 includes Anti-Phishing protection and safe attachment protection, both ensure that your system is protected from the business defining consequences should one of the links or attachments be clicked and their contents allowed to reap havoc.


Arguably the most important consideration of all – education! Organizations spend thousands on all manners of sophisticated tech, aimed at boosting the security of their organizations – but don’t invest in their team’s education, the ones that are going to be using them, this is ludicrous. Your team must be educated on their role in the safety of your systems, they need to know what cyber threats are threatening your organization and how to use the tools at their disposal to fight back against them.

It will be understandable if you are a little confused, it can be a lot to take on at once, but to put it simply – yes, Microsoft have gone to extreme lengths to ensure the safety of both your system and your team, but that isn’t enough, you need to implement your own security measures alongside Microsoft’s to further bolster your security capabilities.

Ensuring a secure IT Landscape

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