What should your IT support consist of?

What should your IT support consist of

The tools that have been released over the last two decades have revolutionized our lives, and it is due to these advancements in the world of tech that our organizations are intertwined so nicely. However, our reliance on tech comes with responsibilities, so there must be method to it, and the tools that you choose to best achieve that method need to be implemented and maintained in a way that compliments your individual organization.

Don’t just choose the first provider you find, because you need to ask yourself some questions before deciding; “Can this support company improve efficiency, communication, and collaboration wherever possible?” being the most important of all – otherwise what is the point in having them?

Many IT support specialists are being found out; business owners are awakening to the realization that they need a personalized service that they just aren’t receiving. Support is predominantly based around fixing problems as they arise – which, of course, will always be important, but now support is so much more than just that. We will explore this point as the article progresses.

IT Support – What is it?

IT support is the management and maintenance of IT across an organization. Support spans the various technology services that outsourced IT Support companies (Managed Service Providers) offer to businesses and their users, along with an unlimited support Helpdesk offering a service which is almost entirely focused on delivering reactive aid to faults as and when they are reported by a user.
Your current provider likely has faults – faults that you haven’t noticed because you don’t fully realise what good IT support looks like. You, like many others, are so familiar with the way things have always been done that we have become oblivious to just how lack lustre the current support is.

Let’s explore the likely faults of your current provider and see what they should be doing to guarantee you a quality of service which is actually beneficial to the running and continued success of your organization.

Reactive not Proactive

All IT companies claim to approach your system and future with IT ‘productively’ – frankly, this is usually a lie, because it is simply a word that sounds good in their pitch. Most behave like a type of insurance policy, only showing interest when something goes wrong.

Limited availability

Some have a limit on the amount of call outs that you are entitled to – avoid these providers at all costs! If you knew how often and when problems were going to happen then you would have no need for IT support at all.

Lack of – or poor quality – communication

Tech minded individuals – I think it’s fair to say – for all their wide range of knowledge and skill with the latest technology, aren’t predominantly the best at communicating, and often fall short regarding levels of communication not only expected but needed in order to support their clients sufficiently. This can lead to a complete relationship breakdown between you (the client) and your provider, when you will be completely left in the dark about future plans and your provider will have no knowledge of your visions for the company, your ethos, or any requirements you may have.

IT support isn’t simple, and choosing the best support for you shouldn’t be an easy task either. Obviously, your choice of IT provider will also be difficult as the best will have many elements to it to make a good provider.
Your company IT support service should be aligned with the way you, your team, and your entire organization do business. By doing this you can ensure that the technical tools, services, and infrastructure you have purchased are doing as they should – they must benefit your organization or what is the point in having them? The right IT, managed correctly, can intertwine itself with your business and gradually become your biggest asset.

In the following and last article we are going to delve deeper into what an IT provider should be doing for your organization.

Ensuring a secure IT Landscape

We customize our services to meet your specific business needs. Whether you have a single location or multiple operations across the country or around the globe, Centarus will partner with you to implement the right IT solutions to help you reduce costs, streamline your processes and increase productivity. Our team of experts will ensure that you and your team are not only working in the most secure way possible within your IT environment, but also that you are prepared for a secure future too. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


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